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December 2016
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Waiting for help

Waiting for help
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Questions After Burying Fidel Castro / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner

14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Miami, 3 December 2016 — Almost no one knows how his final hours passed. Did he die suddenly of a cardiac arrest, did he agonize for… Continue reading

Joanna Columbie Released With Warning / Somos+

Somos+, 3 December 2016 — Joanna Columbié has been released but with the “warning” that she cannot leave Havana until after December 10th*. Once again, the nervousness of the Cuban government in the… Continue reading

Fidel Has Died but Castroism Has Not / Somos+, Joanna Columbié

Somos+, Joanna Columbié, 2 December 2016 — It has been announced on any number of occasions — much anticipated by many and feared by others — but the death… Continue reading

The Flag “Bearers” / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 12 September 2016 — In light of the proliferation among Cubans of garments adorned with elements of the United States flag and, to a lesser degree, the flag of England, some “defenders”… Continue reading

Where Are Che’s Bones ? / 14ymedio, Bertrand de la Grange

14ymedio, Bertrand de la Grange, 1 December 2016 – In the Santa Clara mausoleum everything is genuine. Except, perhaps, Che’s bones. Thousands of people are making pilgrimages lately to… Continue reading

HBO Documentaries Illuminate Castro’s Brutal Cuba Two offerings coincide with strongman’s death. Glenn Garvin | December 3, 2016

HBO should get a little trophy from the television industry for giving executives something to talk about at holiday parties besides falling… Continue reading

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Zapata lives

Zapata lives



No place to live

No place to live