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December 2009
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Cuba expands urban agriculture to outlaying areas

The upcoming implementation in eastern Las Tunas province of a project
that expands urban gardening to outlaying city areas is expected to
significantly increase production.

Known as Sub-urban Agriculture, the new project is to be implemented
next January in a group of local farms whose extension covers 70 percent
of the total area that will be dedicated to the program in the capital
district of the province, which is one of the municipalities picked to
boost the initiative, said the president of the National Small Farmer
Federation in Las Tunas, Mario Menendez.

The massive joining by local farmers of the new project will reinforce
their prominent role in all eight municipalities of the eastern
province, given the fact that they provide 74 percent of the total fresh
milk production and over 60 percent of all produce collected by the state.

Henry Santiago is a worker at the local Calixto Sarduy cooperative farm
in the municipality of Las Tunas. He proudly spoke with the Cuban News
news agency about the diversification efforts taking place in his farm.

Santiago said that in order to diversify his production he has planted
two hectares of land with vegetables and fruits like banana, pepper,
cucumber, beet, tomato, onion, pepper, horseradish and garlic.

One of the advantages pursued by the new sub-urban agriculture program
is to bring production close to urban settlements and save important
fuels and transportation means.

Publication date: 12/14/2009

Cuba expands urban agriculture to outlaying areas (14 December 2009)

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