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June 2010
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Simcoe man to stand trial in Cuba after collision

A Simcoe man detained in Cuba after a collision will now stand trial.

A company representative informed Cody LeCompte’s family that his case will advance to a trial in Cuba, his mother Danette said in an interview.

Thursday night, Danette learned the jury at a pre-hearing last week opted for her 19-year-old son to stand trial.

“Right now I’m just so exhausted,” she said. “I’ve gotten no sleep last night.”

Cody, a recent graduate of Holy Trinity high , was driving a rental car with three passengers — Danette, his second cousin and his cousin’s Cuban fiancée — when the vehicle collided with a dump truck outside of Camagüey on April 29. He was initially informed he was free to leave once Cuban doctors signed off on the fiancée’s medical files. However, Cuban authorities have put a block on his passport, preventing him from leaving the island pending the outcome of his legal proceedings.

Though most of her information has come from the travel company, Canadian officials have confirmed the case will go to trial, Danette said Sunday.

However, Cody has still not been formally charged.

“He’s not charged. He’s in limbo,” she said. Foreign Affairs officials are making arrangements with the family to speak with an international lawyer some time this week, Danette said.

Meanwhile, Cody remains living out of a room in a Santa Lucia resort. He has now spent seven weeks on the island. Danette expects her family has spent $2,000 solely in accommodations.

The family has been offered a pledge of $365 — the cost of a week’s accommodations. The local donor suggested the family set up a Facebook page to collect donations for Cody’s ay in Cuba.

The college bound student has also missed six weeks of his summer employment. He is registered to attend Sault College in the fall, but with a typical case taking between six months to a year for trial, he could miss out on the start of his college program, Danette added.”

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