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Waiting for help

Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Cuba buys 250,000 T rice from Vietnam

HANOI, April 5 (Reuters) – Cuba has bought 250,000 tonnes of Vietnamese rice, a state-run newspaper reported on Tuesday, after the Latin American nation reported production falling at home last year.

The purchase… Continue reading

Posted on Monday, 04.04.11

Cuba claims ex-Reuters boss helped CIABy PAUL HAVENAssociated Press

HAVANA — Cuban state-television on Monday accused a former bureau chief for the Reuters international news agency of arranging a meeting on a darkened Havana street between… Continue reading

What did Jimmy Carter accomplish in Cuba?Posted By José R. Cárdenas Monday, April 4, 2011 – 12:12 PM Share

The continuing momentous events in North Africa and the Middle East understandably overshadowed former President Jimmy Carter's trip last week to… Continue reading

Yoani Sanchez – Award-Winning Cuban Blogger

Cubans Facing Rising Food PricesPosted: 04/ 4/11 03:53 PM ET

A drop slid down my leg, I maneuvered it into the hollow between my ankle and my shoe and did a thousand pirouettes so… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live