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Waiting for help

Daily Archives: April 25, 2011

Amazing Parade / Miguel Iturria SavónMiguel Iturria Savón, Translator: CIMF

Michael Novas, a resident of El Cotorro, in Havana, was surprised by the text message his wife sent on Saturday April 16 from Valencia, Spain, where she saw television images… Continue reading

Cuba libre?By John Paul Rathbone and Marc FrankPublished: April 24 2011 17:54

Rummaging round the Communist party's central committee headquarters building in Havana, Raúl Castro finds an old lamp. Curious, he gives it a rub. A genie emerges and offers… Continue reading

Raul Castro's same old CubaBy Editorial, Sunday, April 24, 7:52 PM

IT HAS NOW been five years since Raul Castro assumed control of the Cuban regime from his ailing older brother, Fidel. In that time, the younger Mr. Castro —… Continue reading

Posted on Monday, 04.25.11

Coast Guard repatriated 13 Cuban migrantsBy Lidia

It was a two-way journey for 13 Cuban migrants.

Coast Guard crews repatriated them to Bahia de Cabanas, Cuba, Sunday after they spotted them in vessels off the… Continue reading

An End to Eternity / Reinaldo EscobarReinaldo Escobar, Translator: Unstated

I already know that eternity has no end, or even beginning, but let's be dialectic and apply the theory of relativity to the concept. If, from the time one begins… Continue reading

Spaniards in the World / Yoani SánchezTranslator: Unstated, Yoani Sánchez

The capitol, rum, salsa music played on street corners, cars that look like collector's pieces although under the hood they are falling to pieces. This and more in the chapter,… Continue reading

Changes Lie Ahead, on Obstacle CourseBy Dalia Acosta

HAVANA, Apr 22, 2011 (IPS) – Although it failed to bring about the hoped-for generational renewal at the highest level of Cuba's governing Communist Party, the recent party congress may have marked… Continue reading

Dialectic Traps / Reinaldo EscobarReinaldo Escobar, Translator: Unstated

Underlying the idea "to change everything that has to be changed," is a contradiction between the subject and the object of change. When Cuban communists turn this maxim into their new motto,… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live