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Castro State Security crack down during 4th Cuban Communist Party Congress
By Alberto de la Cruz on 04/18/2011 – 6:01 am PDT — Headlines

As expected, the repressive State Security apparatus of the Castro
dictatorship undertook a massive crackdown on the opposition leading up
to the Communist Party Congress. In addition, children were threatened
by the regime to be excluded from a if they did not
participate in the marches.

Via DIARIO DE CUBA (my translation):

This Friday, dissidents and organizations denounced
the arrests and house detentions in the hours leading up to the 4th
Congress of the Communist Party, which took place this Saturday in Havana.

"There is a certain preventative repressive tension, as in threats
and extrajudicial home detentions throughout the capital," Elizardo
Sanchez, president of the Cuban Commission for Hunam Rights and National
Reconciliation, told DIARIO DE CUBA.

In Perico, Matanzas, Nelson Ruiz Alonso was detained on his way to
a meeting with the Pedro Luis Boitel Party for Democracy. Activist
Emilio Bringas was also detained and returned to his home where he was
kept under surveillance, according to the Democratic Directorate.

The president of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy, Eriberto
Liranza Romero, was put under house arrest beginning in the early
morning hours. The police threatened to imprison him if he took to the

A parade with "rifles"

Radio Marti reported that Aini Martin Valero
denounced that for more than a week at the pre-university
attended by her son, students were told that participation in the march
on Saturday was "obligatory."

"A professor said that whoever did not participate would have a
black mark placed in their academic file, which would prevent them from
seeking a university education for not participating in the country's
political and revolutionary marches. It is another example of the
constant manipulation of our children," Martin Valero added.

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