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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Posted on Thursday, 04.21.11

US honors Cuban women dissidents
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has honored a group of mothers
and wives of Cuban dissidents with an award for defending .

Senior State Department official William Burns says the U.S. stands with
the – or "" – in calling for the release
of all political prisoners held by the communist government.

The group is comprised of female relatives of some of dissidents
in a government operation in March 2003. All have since been
released. Most went into exile in .

Cuba's government regularly denounces the Damas. It considers them
common criminals who take money from Washington to destabilize the
island and bring down its social revolution.

But Burns said the women are a poignant reminder of the "day-to-day
repression that Cubans face."

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Zapata lives
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