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September 2011
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: September 16, 2011

A Housing Market, Cuba StyleBy Overseas Property Mall Created: Sep 15, 2011

I'm standing at a shaded corner in Central Havana, Cuba, with many others, all of us looking as shady as our surroundings. Someone comes up to me asking… Continue reading

Americans and Cubans Still Mired in DistrustBy DAMIEN CAVEPublished: September 15, 2011

MEXICO CITY — Bill Richardson had chits to offer Cuban officials in Havana this week if they released Alan Gross, the American contractor serving a 15-year sentence for… Continue reading

Posted on Friday, 09.16.11

Cuban police reportedly detain dissidents

More than 20 dissidents, who want to stage a protest march from one end of the island to the other, were reportedly detained by police.By Juan O.

Cuban dissidents say… Continue reading

Posted on Wednesday, 09.14.11

Richardson aide says Cuba backtracked on AmericanBy PAUL HAVENAssociated Press

HAVANA — A top aide to Bill Richardson said Thursday the former New Mexico governor held a series of meetings with Cuban officials over more than… Continue reading

Posted on Thursday, 09.15.11

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits off Cuba's coastThe Associated Press

The U.S. Geological Survey has registered a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that hit off the coast of Cuba.

The quake happened early Thursday at 4:43 a.m. local time… Continue reading

Document – Cuba: Dissidents arrested in CubaUA: 265/11 Index: AMR 25/005/2011 Cuba Date: 1 September 2011URGENT ACTIONDISSIDENTS ARRESTED IN CUBA

Eleven members of a dissident organization and three of their relatives have been detained , without be ing told of… Continue reading

Fact Trumps Fiction on "Cuban Five"at 9:58 AM Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There seems to be an intensified effort to rewrite history regarding the case of five Cuban spies tried and convicted by U.S. federal courts (with no Cuban-American jurists… Continue reading

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Zapata lives
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