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October 2011
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

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Will Offshore Oil Lubricate US-Cuba Relations?Editor's Desk | Casey Research | October 28, 2011 2:02 pmCourtesy of Casey ResearchOne of Spain's largest oil companies, Repsol, is gearing up to spud a deep, offshore well in Cuban waters, just 60 ... Continue reading
The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth: 49 Years LaterPosted By Humberto Fontova On October 31, 2011 @ 12:02 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPageForty nine years ago on Oct. 28th JFK "solved" the Cuban Missile Crisis. Given the influence of Camelot's cour... Continue reading
For Cuban women, Sundays are for protest marches31 Oct 2011 03:09Source: Content partner // Womens eNewsThe Ladies in White, a group of family members of imprisoned dissidents, march during their weekly protest in Havana February 27, 2011. REUTERS/Enri... Continue reading
Cuba eases curbs to boost food outputPublished: Oct. 28, 2011 at 4:16 PMHAVANA, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Cuba is easing communist rules and nudging its agriculture toward a market economy model as part of a stepped-up government effort to boost food production... Continue reading
Notes from Captivity XVII / Pablo PachecoPablo Pacheco, Translator: Raul G. "Violation of Correspondence"by Pablo Pacheco AvilaThe communication between those of us prisoners in "The Polish" jail and the functionaries of the interio... Continue reading
Mariel boatlift survivor comes full circleUpdated: Thursday, 27 Oct 2011, 4:21 PM EDTLAKELAND - A generation has gone by since the mass exodus from Cuba to Florida known as the Mariel boatlift.Cuban refugees escaped from their homeland and a communist ... Continue reading
Cuba Will Have Casinos, AgainI. Nelson Rose, Encino, CaliforniaPresident Obama has just announced that he is easing restrictions on visits to Cuba; the second time he will be relaxing travel rules imposed on Americans by Pres. George W. Bush.Casual tou... Continue reading
Our Life / Regina CoyulaRegina Coyula, Translator: Unstated A reader of this blog from Portugal was at my house recently. In the middle of the obligatory coffee she asked me why, since starting to write about domestic topics and daily life, each time w... Continue reading
Castro should go: ClintonAFPSecretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday the United States remained firm that the Castro regime should end in Cuba, despite overtures seeking reform on the communist island.Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtin... Continue reading
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Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live