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October 2011
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

Demand extradition of cop-killer from Cuba6:18 PM, Oct. 4, 2011

In September 2010, a murder victim was found inside a burning automobile in Atlantic County. Shortly after, his alleged killers fled to Cuba. Little more than a year later, U.S.… Continue reading

The Pravda We Live in CubaOctober 4, 2011Armando Chaguaceda

From "Pravda", Nicanor (l).

In my last post I dealt with art that's critical yet committed to expressing the realities of today's Cuba. At that time I discussed the hip hop… Continue reading

Cuban dissidents push for democracyAgence France-Presse October 5, 2011 3:02 AM

Leading dissidents in Cuba on Tuesday launched a plan seeking a transition to democracy after more than five decades of one-party rule.

Ratcheting up potential for a clash with… Continue reading

Posted on Tuesday, 10.04.11

New media bring the world closer to Cuba

Cuban bloggers and dissidents are becoming adept at sending news of protests abroad, but internal communication remains difficult.By MIMI

When two women at Havana's Cuatro Caminos market… Continue reading

Posted on Tuesday, 10.04.11PRO-DEMOCRACY ACTIVISTS

Compassion fatigue on CubaBY MICHAEL

Are we experiencing compassion fatigue on Cuba? I'm seeing signs of it, which doesn't bode well for Cuba's brave pro-democracy activists. Or for us. They're suffering and most… Continue reading

Following Spain's Footprints / Rebeca MonzoRebeca Monzo, Translator: Unstated

This endeavor that I have been subjecting myself to for almost three years is becoming increasingly difficult and stressful. Never before this half-century would it have occurred to me, and practically… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live