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January 2012
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Monthly Archives: January 2012

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Two Virtual Currencies / Fernando DámasoFernando Dámaso, Translator: Unstated As 2012 begins it seems that the burden of the two currencies will continue on the weary shoulders of Cubans. When, before the Cuban peso was devalued and in a stat... Continue reading
Conjectures About 2012 / Miriam CelayaMiriam Celaya, Translator: Norma Whiting A recurring theme among the last days of 2011 and early 2012 by Cubans and foreign individuals interested in the Cuban reality has been about the outlook for the year just b... Continue reading
Migration Costs and Benefits for CubaJanuary 12, 2012Fernando RavsbergHAVANA TIMES, Jan 12 — Referring to the expected changes in immigration policy, a Cuban-American colleague wrote: "Not only is it absurd, but it is totally irresponsible to th... Continue reading
Parabolas of Discord / Jeovany J. VegaJeovany J. Vega, Translator: Unstated It happened one April morning in 2007, when at about 8:00 am I heard the strident platoon that patrols the surrounding streets roll up; I felt the braking and slamming doors, t... Continue reading
Cuba takes baby steps toward capitalism5:30 AM Wednesday Jan 11, 2012Communist country's embrace of free market not an unmitigated successA year at the vanguard of Cuba's economic revival has not brought Julio Cesar Hidalgo riches. The fledglin... Continue reading
Challenges Facing Cuba's New LeftJanuary 11, 2012Erasmo CalzadillaHAVANA TIMES, 11 ene — Cuban political scientist and columnist Haroldo Dilla recently published an essay on the need for a new left to be born in our country.Nevertheless for me, a... Continue reading
In Cuba's hinterland a businessman is bornBy Marc FrankGUAIMARO, Cuba | Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:06am EST(Reuters) - Guaimaro, just one of many small poor and dusty towns along Cuba's sparsely travelled central highway, is best known as the spot wher... Continue reading
Have Cubans Lost Their Rebeliousness?January 10, 2012Haroldo Dilla Alfonso*HAVANA TIMES, Jan 10 — Recently I read one of Yoani Sanchez's incisive articles stating that Cubans have had their capacity for rebellion rooted out.Her statement alluded ... Continue reading
The Paths of the General / Luis Felipe RojasLuis Felipe Rojas, Translator: Raul G. This article was written by Luis Felipe Rojas for 'Diario de Cuba'. It has been re-posted on this blog:In regards to the year which has just begun, it is eviden... Continue reading
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Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live