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February 2012
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

Cuba battles corruptionIANSHavana, Feb 21 (IANS/EFE) Control, prevention and participation by the community are "essential" in Cuba's battle against corruption and indiscipline in state corporations, the Communist-ruled island's contr... Continue reading
The Same Old Secrecy / Reinaldo EscobarReinaldo Escobar, Translator: Unstated Last Thursday at about six in the evening friends from around the world were sending us text messages reporting on the results of a Resolution about Syria in the United Natio... Continue reading
¿Seguirán cambiando la historia?Martes, Febrero 21, 2012 | Por René Gómez ManzanoLA HABANA, Cuba, febrero, -El jueves 9 el diario Granma publicó el artículo "Historia con amnesia selectiva", consa... Continue reading
Cuba Suffers 'Anthropological Damage'February 21, 2012Alfredo FernandezHAVANA TIMES, Feb 21 — Recently I was talking to a friend about the situation that Cuba and its people are facing. Without letting me finish, she jumped up — almost hyst... Continue reading
Human rights review for Cuban policyBy: Brent Fuller | brent@cfp.ky21 February, 2012The Cayman Islands Human Rights Commission is considering a review of the country's memorandum of understanding with the Cuban government over how boat migrants who... Continue reading
Permission to Leave Cuba (Part 2)February 21, 2012Irina EcharryHAVANA TIMES, Feb 21 — When she visited the Venezuelan consulate for the second time, it wasn't at the same address as when she first went there, which was an indication of how much t... Continue reading
Permission to Leave Cuba (The First Step)February 15, 2012Irina EcharryHAVANA TIMES, Feb 15 — People had told her that the process and paperwork were killers*. What's involved in leaving Cuba temporarily or permanently is not what one wants to th... Continue reading
Zapata lives
Zapata lives
No place to live
No place to live