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February 2012
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

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Posted on Sunday, 02.26.12CUBAN CATHOLIC CHURCHChurch in Cuba doing Castros' biddingBy CARLOS EIRECarlos.eire@yale.eduWhy is it that the Catholic Church in Cuba is working hand in hand with the Castro dictatorship, even to the point of collaboratin... Continue reading
Some Yes, Others No / Yoani SánchezTranslator: Unstated, Yoani Sánchez I turned on the TV, in one of those fits of credulity which now and then assail me. I wanted to hear the evening news, to know some news, to feel closer to the reality of ... Continue reading
Cuba: Alan Gross 'No Spy'HavanaStaff ReportJTA Wire ServiceJailed American Jewish contractor Alan Gross "was no spy," Cuban President Raul Castro agreed in a meeting with two visiting U.S. senators, Patrick Leahy and Richard Shelby.Le... Continue reading
Hustling in Cuba Takes a Legal TurnFebruary 27, 2012Dariela AquiqueHAVANA TIMES, Feb 27 — Double standards are almost an inherent condition of Cuban life. The visceral fear of the truth, as well as our getting used to things seeming what they aren&#3... Continue reading
Posted on Monday, 02.27.12Cuban spy wants temporary return homeThe Associated PressMIAMI -- A convicted Cuban spy still serving probation in the U.S. wants to return home temporarily to visit a critically ill brother.Rene Gonzalez is asking a Miami fed... Continue reading
Recreation… Where? / Anddy Sierra AlvarezAnddy Sierra Alvarez, Translator: Unstated The name "Eladio Cid" was confusing for a moment because it was used to identify two stadiums which were called by the same name, on in Los Pinos and on in ... Continue reading
Cuba: One Photo, PleaseFebruary 25, 2012David CanelaHAVANA TIMES, Feb 25 — Apparently, taking a simple photo in a public place in Cuba represents a threat to state security, as if it were a bomb or a massive riot.This leads me to pose some problems. ... Continue reading
Coast Guard repatriates 13 Cuban migrantsMigrants given food, water and medical carePublished On: Feb 25 2012 08:18:31 PM ESTKEY WEST, Fla. -The U.S. Coast Guard has repatriated 13 Cuban migrants who were intercepted south of Key West.Coast Guard offic... Continue reading
Until the End / Anddy Sierra AlvarezAnddy Sierra Alvarez, Translator: Unstated Citizens of Havana are increasing concerned about living in dilapidated buildings, as there have been several building collapses as the year 2012 progresses. A lady of 55 fr... Continue reading
Zapata lives
Zapata lives
No place to live
No place to live