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Waiting for help

Monthly Archives: June 2012

No to the Life Sentence of Citizen Rights / Cuban Law Association Cuban Law Association, Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez, Translator: Maria Montoto By Atty. Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez Prison is not the only captivity of an existence. An unhappy multitude ma... Continue reading
A CLICK From Afar / Yoani Sánchez Translator: Unstated, Yoani Sánchez As I write this brief text the clothesline seems to be protesting under the weight of the laundry, the dog scratches at the door begging for his food, and my son asks m... Continue reading
A Good Psychiatrist / Fernando Dámaso Fernando Dámaso, Translator: Unstated Cubans who did not have to rush off to a psychiatrist's office in order to prevent a nervous breakdown after reading their nation's newspapers this week s... Continue reading
Citizen Insomnia / Luis Felipe Rojas Luis Felipe Rojas, Translator: Raul G. As I write this post, the "#FestivalCLIC" (or 'Click Festival') is underway in Havana–a citizen undertaking to try and channel information between Cuban... Continue reading
Not Guidelines, Civic Rights / Miriam Celaya Miriam Celaya, Translator: Norma Whiting They say God can write straight with crooked lines. I would say that, in Cuba's case, we should sign God up for a crash course in calligraphy. We have had a h... Continue reading
Parental Rights and Other Powers / Cuban Law Association Cuban Law Association, Translator: Hank Hardisty Alberto Mendez Castelló (work appeared in the June 1, 2012, A violation of the Municipal Department of Education here, commit... Continue reading
25 June 2012 Last updated at 00:34 GMT Cuba bids farewell to tax-free food imports Sarah Rainsford By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Havana The arrivals areas at Havana Airport's Terminal 2 have recently been crammed full to overflowing. Cuba has ju... Continue reading
The Hookers of La Palma / Iván García Iván García, Translator: Unstated Even before nightfall, under a blazing sun that in the afternoon turns the central area of La Palma into an open air industrial over, the poorer class of ji... Continue reading
Bad Policy / Mackandal – Manuel Aguirre Lavarrere Mackandal - Manuel Aguirre Lavarrere, Translator: Chabeli Cubans get up and go to bed with politics. In Cuba, politics, far from being an exercise of citizenship, is a way of life and a must to get... Continue reading
Posted on Saturday, 06.23.12 Medicare fraud's men in Havana By Myriam Marquez If the feds' case sticks, Oscar L. Sanchez will be convicted as a cash-for-Cuba financier of fraudsters, "a capitalist for Cuban bank... Continue reading
Cuban Economy: Real or Virtual? / Cuban Law Association Cuban Law Association, Jorge Hojas Puñales, Translator: Unstated By Jorge Hojas Puñales "With Money and Without Money." "Why Some and Not Others?" "Take What ... Continue reading
Structure of Class and Power / Mackandal – Manuel Aguirre Lavarrere Mackandal - Manuel Aguirre Lavarrere, Translator: Chabeli In the early years of the Revolution, the state shook the tree, as they used to say back then, but it left some rotten fr... Continue reading
EFE with the Cuban News of the Year / Dora Leonor Mesa Dora Leonor Mesa, Translator: mlk For decades the extinct Microbrigades Company of the City of Havana, today Group GECAL, has caused our family deep sorrow and anguish as a consequence of its c... Continue reading
Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live