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Waiting for help

The Presidency and Family / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

Anddy Sierra Alvarez, Translator: Maria Montoto

The cases of corruption involving Cuban officials who served in Fidel

Castro's regime are increasing. Or Raúl Castro is simply switching

Fidel's men for his own.

Raúl Castro replaced on February 24, 2008 due to an illness

that had almost led to the latter's death. Subsequently, we began

hearing media reports about the replacement of ministers and

vice-presidents, and the astonishing disgrace of Felipe Pérez Roque* and

Carlos Lage Dávila*, the physician who brought financial ruin to the

island – one of many such people.

There was virtually nothing the men around Fidel did not steal. After

fifty years these cases of corruption finally came to light. And yet

with all the security at the government's disposal, it nearly failed to

discover a single one. The fact is Raul now wants to govern with men in

whom he has confidence and knows what they are capable of "doing."

As it happens, Fidel's cohorts did as they liked in Cuba as long as he

remained president. The president who wanted everyone to be equal had

determined that a lazy revolutionary pioneer should earn as much as a

college graduate.

Little by little the country is being militarized while members of civil

society are increasingly being branded as "mercenaries" by the Cuban


*Translator's note: Felipe Pérez Roque was Minister of Foreign Affairs

until he was ousted in 2009. Carlos Lage Dávila was a Vice-President of

the Council of State until he also was ousted in 2009.

Translated by: Maria Montoto and Anonymous

June 27 2012

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