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Posted on Thursday, 06.28.12

Venezuelan oil company to drill off Cuba


Associated Press

CARACAS, 's national oil company will join in

exploratory drilling for crude in deep waters off Cuba, the company's

president said Thursday.

State-run Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, is next in line to drill

after Malaysia's Petronas completes its work, said Rafael Ramirez,

Venezuela's oil minister and president of the company. He said Venezuela

has budgeted an estimated $40 million for the project.

Spanish oil company Repsol said last month that it would stop searching

for oil off Cuba after hitting a dry well drilled at a cost of more than

$100 million.

"Repsol unfortunately didn't have success in its well," Ramirez said,

"but that same platform is being used among all the companies that are

participating there."

He said Repsol had encountered some problems with the drill but that

seismic data has shown "good prospects" in the area off Cuba.

Venezuelan President Hugo is a close ally of Cuba and sends oil

to the island under a long-running deal that allows the Cuban government

to pay through the services of doctors, nurses and others who work in

the South American country.

Petronas has said it expects to have results of its exploratory drilling

by the end of July. It holds rights to explore an area in the Florida

Straits known as the Northbelt Thrust.

PDVSA was granted an option to drill next in a different zone as the

huge Scarabeo-9 platform is rotated among the companies. The platform

was built in Asia with less than 10 percent U.S.-made parts, making it

uniquely suited to be used by companies without risking sanctions under

the U.S. trade against Cuba.

"Now drilling corresponds to Petronas, and we come immediately after

that, but in another block, our block," Ramirez said. "If it's

successful, if it's quick, we aren't going to let the platform be idle.

We'll immediately take it."

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