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November 2012
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

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The Harassment of Cotorro / Cuban Law Association, Esperanza Rodriguez Bernal #Cuba Cuban Law Association, Esperanza Rodríguez Bernal, Translator: Unstated By Lic. Esperanza Rodríguez Bernal On more than one occasion the citizen William A... Continue reading
Without the Right to Be Mistaken / Rosa María Rodríguez Torrado Rosa Maria Rodriguez Torrado, Translator: Unstated Raul Castro's public expression justifying his delay in modifying everything that must be reformed sounds like a hollow ... Continue reading
Cuba Recognizes Role of Catholic Church November 30, 2012 HAVANA TIMES — Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the archbishop of Havana, said recently at a conference in Germany that the Cuban Catholic Church is recognized as a legitimate interlocutor by the isl... Continue reading
Cuba's Agriculture: Relativity and Time November 30, 2012 Fernando Ravsberg* HAVANA TIMES — Administrators of the Ministry of Agriculture say that four years is too little an amount of time for any changes in that area, but I can't believe... Continue reading
Casting the Blame in the Same Old Direction November 30, 2012 Dariela Aquique HAVANA TIMES – Our media's obsession with justifying the unjustifiable seems to have no end, always putting the blame on the same guilty party: that consumer society... Continue reading
Cuba: To Be or Not to Be a Revolutionary November 30, 2012 Veronica Vega HAVANA TIMES — At our last neighborhood meeting to select candidates before the recent election of a delegate (this was the third attempt since the two previous meetings were... Continue reading
Cuba keeps intense pressure on rights advocates By IVETTE MARTNEZ The Institute for War & Peace Reporting More than 5,600 dissidents, journalists and human-rights activists have been arrested or detained in Cuba between January and the end of Oct... Continue reading
Cuban appeal for storm funds Archdiocese uses Facebook to seek donations Paul Keenan Thursday, 29 November 2012 5:00 AM GMT Cuba - The Archdiocese of Santiago has issued an appeal to the international community for further assistance in the wake of H... Continue reading
Cessation of Cohabitation / Cuban Law Association, Miguel Iturria Medina Cuban Law Association, Miguel Iturria Medina, Translator: Unstated By Miguel Iturria Medina Property Law governs the use, enjoyment, possession and availability of good which o... Continue reading
The Dilemma of Economic Contracting (1) / Cuban Law Association, Rodrigo Chavez #Cuba Cuban Law Association, Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez, Translator: Unstated Monotony? War of attrition? Psychological pressure? False expectations? Or direct or indirec... Continue reading
November 28, 2012 4:34 pm Havana Energy to sign Cuban biomass plant deal By Marc Frank in Havana One of former British energy minister Brian Wilson's dreams will become reality on Thursday when Havana Energy signs a joint venture agreement in C... Continue reading
Cuba creates biotech-pharma combine Published November 28, 2012 EFE Cuba's government has created a new business group comprising 38 companies involved in the manufacture and sale of medicine and provision of services in the biotechnology and ph... Continue reading
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Zapata lives
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