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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Brazilian Donated Arrives in Cuba

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 17:05 GMT

Source: Content partner // World Programme

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today the

arrival of 25,000 MT of rice donated by the Government of Brazil, whose

costs were covered by the Government of Cuba. The Brazilian

donated rice will be used to support food-based social protection

programmes across Cuba.  

Havana-The donation, which arrives onboard the MV Nahide ship and

offloaded at the seaports of Havana and Santiago de Cuba, is parta of a

global fund of 710,000 tonnes of food that was created by Brazil in 2011

to support WFP operations worldwide. Through the process of "twinning,"

Brazil donates food whereas Cuba covers the food transportation and

storage costs, which in the case is a total of USD2.7 million and is the

first time the Cuban Government participates in this twinning process.

Cuba is a regular WFP donor and over the last 12 years it has donated

2,500 tonnes of sugar annually. We are grateful to the Government and

the people of Brazil for this contribution," said WFP Regional Director

for Latin America and the Caribbean, Gemmo Lodesani, after concluding an

official visit to Cuba. Brasil has been playing a growing role in terms

of humanitarian assistance and this donation confirms its commitment to

those in need. "Cubas generosity is also remarkable," says Lodesani.

Brazil has donated already more than 300.000 tonnes of food to 35

countries through WFP since 2011 and its contributions has increased

from USD1 million in 2007 to more tan USD82 million during 2012, placing

this South American country among the top 10 WFP donors.

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