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December 2012
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Day of Latin American Medicine / Jeovany Jimenez Vega #Cuba Jeovany J. Vega, Translator: Unstated medico-cubanoThe anniversary arrives uneventfully. Today is the Day of Latin American Medicine, and in this or that Cubanmedical center this or that p... Continue reading
Posted on Tuesday, 12.11.12 Cuba cracks down on dissidents on Rights Day Scores of Ladies in White and other dissidents were detained during the Sunday crackdown. By Juan O. Tamayo Cuban police have detained more than 100 ... Continue reading
Posted on Thursday, 12.13.12 Raul Castro says economic reforms are working By PETER ORSI Associated Press HAVANA -- President Raul Castro declared Thursday that Cuba's two-year experiment with market reforms is working and has the wind at its ba... Continue reading
How reggaeton is a threat to the revolution J.D. CONSIDINE Special to The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Dec. 07 2012, 7:25 PM EST This week, the Cuban government moved to squelch a new threat to the revolution: reggaeton. A fusion of dancehall re... Continue reading
Cuba looks to marabu weed for fresh power 7 December 2012 Last updated at 23:44 GMT Help A British company has just signed the first foreign investment deal in Cuba in a long time - a project to build a renewable energy power plant, to run a sugar ... Continue reading
Notts man detained in Cuba - last updated Sat 8 Dec 2012 A father from Nottinghamshire is currently being held in Cuba following his detention by border control, after visiting his mother whose house had been destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Yoandry ... Continue reading
Cuba's Unanimity: Rest in Peace December 6, 2012 Fernando Ravsberg HAVANA TIMES — My colleague Angel Thomas told me that during the early years of the Cuban Revolution, political debates were constant and many leaders — including Fidel Castr... Continue reading
Another Day in Cuba By Jay Nordlinger December 7, 2012 10:33 A.M. A recent episode in Cuba has the friends of that nation quite upset. As I understand it, a 15-year-old girl named Berenice Héctor González was defending her aunt, a member o... Continue reading
In Farmers Market, A Free Market Rises In Cuba by Nick Miroff December 07, 2012 4:00 AM Cuba has no shortage of fertile farmland, but the country spends $1.5 billion a year importing about 70 percent of its food. The communist government's chron... Continue reading
Posted on Friday, 12.07.12 Cuba blocks dissident hotline A system that allowed Cubans to broadcast their grievances has been blocked by the government. By Juan O. Tamayo The Cuban government is blocking calls to U.S. and S... Continue reading
Zapata lives
Zapata lives
No place to live
No place to live