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September 2013
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Waiting for help

Yelky Puig Released in Pinar del Rio After Eight Months in / CID
Posted on September 1, 2013

In December 2012 the CID Provincial Coordinator in Pinar del Rio was
sentenced to one year in prison in a trial that was a travesty. Yelky
Puig was a member of the State Security who, after leaving their ranks,
joined the CID and joined other former employees of the repressive
apparatus of the organization.
The regime saw in Yelky Puig’s opposition activism a very dangerous
precedent and decided to punish him no matter what.

Yelky Puig named Provincial Coordinator for the Ricardo Medina National
Executive Committee (CEN).
This past week Yelky was released on parole. Yelky expressed thanks for
the support his family received during his time in prison and said that
his faith in the CID is unwavering and that during his imprisonment he
was about to mature ideas and projects.
After his conviction the CID responded with more delegations and further
growth of activists in the organization.
The response exceeded expectations. So far in 2013 three successful
projects have been implemented: The weekly The New Republic (LNR), the
Ombudsman of the People of Cuba and the Cuba Advisor .
1) Ten CEN branches nationwide are given the responsibility of defending
people with regards to on their most pressing problems, for which they
have appointed ten regional ombudsmen. Work has been intense, consistent
and successful.

2 ) Another ten delegations were made responsible for the weekly work
party: The New Republic and this effort have been successful. Week after
week this has been published weekly with news of interest to Cubans on
the island.
LNR has been reinforced by the supplement by the Information Blockade to
the Cuban People, which consists of a critical analysis of the censored
news published by the regime and others.

Simultaneous to this work another 10 delegations were held responsible
for increasing the number of activists in their areas of influence and
creating new delegations. We could not be more pleased with the
results.3) The Cuba Advisory blog is a website where information is
published weekly in English addressed to Canadians who may be interested
in traveling to Cuba. This was a project carefully planned and has been
a success since it was made public. Before the end of this season, and
according to conservative estimates, the blog must have will have caused
a loss to the Castro regime of two million dollars in four months.

If the dictatorship believed the Yelky Puig’s unjust sentence would
weaken the CID organization they made a serious error in judgment. The
CID has been consolidated in the westernmost province of Cuba through
the efforts of delegates and activists and the dedication of the
Ombudsman Onelsy Díaz Becerra and National Executive Committee member
and Chairman of the Free Peasants of the CID Rolando Pupo Carralero.

1 September 2013

Source: “Yelky Puig Released in Pinar del Rio After Eight Months in
Prison / CID | Translating Cuba” –

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