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November 2013
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Monthly Archives: November 2013

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Cuba currency reform will take 3 years: ex-minister AFP

The unification of Cuba’s dual currency system will take at least three years, the architect of the unpopular two-decades old policy of using dollars and convertible pesos has said. The government… Continue reading

Cuba Corruption Cases Circulate Offline November 28, 2013 by José Jasán Nieves Cárdenas (Progreso Weekly)

HAVANA TIMES — The contents of USB memory sticks and DVDs now circulating informally in Cuba reveal three realities as hard as rocks: three cases… Continue reading

Saving in Cuban Pesos: A Strategy November 27, 2013 Preparing for the end of the two-currency system Fernando Ravsberg*

HAVANA TIMES — During a Santeria festivity, a number of Cubans were debating about the consequences that the elimination of the… Continue reading

Cuba Is a Multicultural and Multiracial Country November 28, 2013 Dmitri Prieto

HAVANA TIMES — “Cuba is a multicultural and multiracial country,” said a journalist for Cuba’s midday news while reporting on an activity organized for an anniversary of Havana’s… Continue reading

The “Forbidden” and the “Mandatory” / Miriam Celaya Posted on November 26, 2013

In numerous conversations with Cubans, émigrés as well as those “on the inside” (I share the experience of living every day under this Island’s sui generis [unique]… Continue reading

Echoes of Cuba’s Homophobic 2012 Census November 26, 2013 Isbel Diaz Torres

HAVANA TIMES – Last year, I published a post condemning how the Population and Household Census then conducted in Cuba had crudely manipulated information in order to conceal… Continue reading

Posted on Tuesday, 11.26.13

Oilfield company to pay $253M to settle bribe case THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTON — The oilfield services company Weatherford International has agreed to pay more than $250 million to settle federal charges that it bribed officials… Continue reading

Posted on Tuesday, 11.26.13

Cuba to let islanders rent out their home phones THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

HAVANA — Cubans have a new private enterprise opportunity — acting as “telecommunications agents” by essentially turning their homes into phone booths and charging… Continue reading

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Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live