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Waiting for help

Confused Phrase / Regina Coyula
Posted on March 29, 2014

“Revolution is to shape ethical principles.” I repeat from memory a
phrase I heard today in the press. Attributed to , I’m not
too sure if it forms a part of a well-known fragment of one of his
speeches (Revolution is…). A phrase in the midst of the corruption,
laziness, the poor quality of , the visible lack of an
education that governs relationships among young people–and those not so
young–the patterns of the political harassing the dissidence.

An incomplete list but sufficient. The so-called Revolution not only
doesn’t shape new ethical principles; it lambastes the existing ones for
being “bourgeois.” The irony: the Revolution ended years ago, and
ethical principles are degraded to the point where it will take several
generations to restore them.

To say it in the official way: this is neither the time nor the place to
wield a phrase so devoid of content.

26 March 2014

Source: Confused Phrase / Regina Coyula | Translating Cuba –

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