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Cuba adds 228 cooperatives

CUBA STANDARD — Doubling their number in one stroke to 452, the Council
of Ministers approved the creation of 228 non-agricultural cooperatives,
according to official media.

As part of its economic reforms, Cuba is granting space to private
enterprises in “non-strategic” sectors of the . The government
has particularly been supporting the creation of member-owned,
non-agricultural co-ops since 2013.

The overwhelming majority of the new co-ops are operating in retail and
gastronomy. According to Marino Murillo, chief coordinator of the
economic reforms, 186 of the new co-ops offer retail and gastronomy
services, 12 are in construction, six offer accounting services, five
offer energy services, three are in transportation, 15 are
manufacturers, and one produces .

Source: Cuba adds 228 cooperatives « Cuba Standard, your best source for
Cuban business news –

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