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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

’s New Offers May be Affecting the Cuban Network / Anddy Sierra
Posted on March 23, 2014

Alfredo has tried several times to get in touch with his brother. He
doesn’t bother with sending an SMS because he has sent various messages
on other occasions which haven’t arrived on time.

Following ETECSA informing most of its users of the new service, they
can access their emails via from their mobile phones. The SMS
service won’t work as it did before.

These problems with ETECSA’s service have affected all the Cuban
government’s opponents, even leaving them without access to the
. But what’s happening now is no more than possible overloading
being experienced by ETECSA in carrying out what they have promised.

Does ETECSA have the ability to offer a quality service?

Another one of the services affected is MMS. In spite of the fact that
it isn’t popular among Cubacel’s users because they don’t know about it.
Those people who have been able to use it have found it difficult to
send an MMS.

“Yesterday I sent a photo of her granddaughter to my mother and she
wasn’t able to see it because the service isn’t working”, said Michel.

Is ETECSA going to get worse? Just as everything that the government
touches does. Or is it just a question of getting used to a poor to
middling service quality which varies from month to month?

Translated by GH

17 March 2014

Source: ETECSA’s New Offers May be Affecting the Cuban Network / Anddy
Sierra Alvarez | Translating Cuba –

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