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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Fire in eastern Cuba expected to spread
Published March 11, 2014EFE
A fire in the eastern province of Camagüey has been burning for five
days and has consumed 3,500 hectares (about 8,750 acres), Cuba’s forest
service reported Tuesday.

The area damaged by the blaze consists mainly of underbrush and
pastures, although the fire has also moved into some forest plantations
in the Meseta de San Felipe, an important natural preserve of pines,
eucalyptus and balsa.

So far, no naturally forested areas have been significantly affected,
only plantations harvested for their lumber in previous years and not
replanted, official news agency AIN said, citing forest service official
Geovanne Viera.

Some 130 men are directly battling the blaze with the support of heavy
tractors that are being used to build firebreaks.

Conditions are favorable for the flames to spread, authorities said.

The fire began last Friday in an area northeast of the town of Florida,
some 530 kilometers (330 miles) east of Havana, and it spread rapidly,
fanned by winds of up to 25 kph (16 mph).

In Camagüey so far this year there have been nine fires, eight of them
in the Meseta de San Felipe area, which covers 28,000 hectares (some
70,000 acres).

Cuba’s peak fire season runs from Jan. 1 to May 31. EFE

Source: Fire in eastern Cuba expected to spread | Fox News Latino –

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