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Half rated “deficient” in Cuba’s audit of state-owned firms 2014-03-16 07:55:43

HAVANA, March 15 (Xinhua) — Half of the Cuban state-owned firms audited
recently by the Comptroller General of the Republic (GGR) received
unfavorable reviews, the government said Saturday.

“Among the 281 firms audited this year, one half received favorable
ratings and the other negative,” the National Information Agency (AIN)
said in a report.

Between October and November 2013, the CGR conducted the Eighth National
Checking on Internal Control, which audited the industry and the
programs related to the delivery of building materials and land in
usufruct, and the production for exporting and replace imports.

The inspection gave the most unfavorable qualifications to units
dedicated to the distribution of land in usufruct, and to the Basic
Units of Cooperative Production (state-owned agricultural cooperatives).

“Deficiencies” were also detected in the producers, and the entities
dedicated to wholesale and retail trading of building materials,
including “the presence of chaos and alleged criminal acts” , according
to the report.

The best results were achieved by companies in the sectors of export
production, import replacement and import substitution.

Source: Half rated “deficient” in Cuba’s audit of state-owned firms –
Xinhua | –

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