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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Help for my sick elderly mother in Cuba

I need help , hope and strength for my mother to…

I need help , hope and strength for my mother to live what’s left before
embarking wsu trip starting with the resources they need to cope with
the consequences of a deep stroke that has left her in a wheelchair ,
the right of her paralyzed and with body language tropelosa . It is 85
years his stroke occurred two years ago, but my current situation does
not allow me to keep shipping and payment of , , adult
diapers , can not pay for treatment of a physical therapist to come to
the house in Havana to do the exercises you need to achieve some
movement on the right side of his body. I’m an only child, I have no
family , people who care are the two caretakers to you from here a fair
payment for my mother to be treated like a queen salary.
I am desolate , a year ago I could not to see my mother or attend
to because I have no money to pay for the extension of the Cuban
passport , because even a citizen , Cuban authorities compel me to enter
and leave Cuba with Cuban passport costs $ 400.00 and 80 for
humanitarian visa.

I think you can imagine how I feel anxious and drowned unable to supply
my mother you need to have a decent quality of life in the last years of
his life . Since I had saved is over , I leave here a cry for help to
see my mother , to improve their quality of life in a country where lack
of everything.

I’m disabled because I suffer from a rare disease , so my check is
dedicated almost entirely to my mother trying to have a decent life.
Hopefully with these lyrics help achieve the necessary travel more often
and also feel my cares what makes it feel better in the midst of his
depression as it was always a vital woman. Luckily his mind is lucid ,
his own delusions of age . IF I’m worried it much because although care
has two alternating for care , need and begs me to travel to Havana to
embrace it and hold hands and close together , she in her chair wheels,
watch the TV programs you love. When I could be with her convert to do
exercises, but from here now when I call do not understand what the
state tells me that it has been his language.

Hopefully and God grant that the day my mother on his journey to be with
her .

Please , I appeal to humanitarian relief and humanism you like a mother
and daughter meet again . Also you can take and send everything you need
to be in good condition , despite the delicate consequences of stroke. I
am choked with anguish and cling to hope because I am convinced that
there are good people who are committed to marriage and family support .

Source: Help for my sick elderly mother in Cuba by Lissette Bustamante –
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