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Political Parade on Motorcycles through Havana
Posted on March 20, 2014

A caravan, composed mainly of young officials, takes a tour through
historical places of State Security

CUBANET – A caravan of motorcyclists from Cuban State Security
(political police) toured the capital’s streets this past Saturday,
taking a route around the places “where that institution, celebrating 55
years of existence next March 26, took root,” according to the dispatch
by the official Agency of National Information (AIN).

The group of officials — says the note from the AIN — left on
motorcycles from the City, the location of the mansion
where initially the leadership of this Interior Ministry force was

A floral wreath at the Jose Marti monument marked the passage through
Revolution Plaza where the main buildings of the MININT are located,
which previously hosted that forces’ department.

The caravan also passed through the Villa Marista center of operations
and ended in the Forest of the Martyrs of the OSE (Organs of State
Security). The press note says that the objective of State Security is
“to protect the Cuban people from enemy aggression and safeguard the
Revolutions’ conquests,” and that objective will continue to be the
principal duty of the new generations of that organization’s combatants.

The reality, however, is different. One of the main functions of State
Security is to combat internal dissidence. The Havana parade takes place
while in too the government’s motorcycles become embroiled in
a fierce battle against opponents in the streets.

Cubanet, March 17, 2014

Translated by mlk.

Source: Political Police Parade on Motorcycles through Havana |
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