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Waiting for help

The Cuban MININT: Lies, Death, Evil / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
Posted on March 16, 2014

Thousands and thousands of Cuban are now working, day and night, to the
peak of their professional abilities, so that the Venezuelan
dictatorship won’t fall. This is now the number one priority of Plan
Fatherland, inside and outside our little dictatorial island. Without
, there is no future for Fidelismo (as its faithful still call
it), nor for the Castrismo (as its detractors now call it).

It’s calculated that the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT) with a
terrifying number of agents, collaborators, informants and military.
There are analysts – and also deserters – who have even put six zeros
after the final number of paid and volunteers from the omnipotent MININT.

Indeed, for decades Cuba has ceased to be a country that behaves
statistically like a military camp, like a totalitarian one-man bastion.
This is the essence of Real Socialism, far beyond theories of equity and
obligatorily free social programs. This is the essence of what the Latin
American Communist parties don’t know, or don’t know how to distance
themselves from.

In principle, of course, everyone is invited to the revolutionary
avalanche that immediately unhinges the civil logic of our societies.
But, woe unto those who are not enthusiastic or don’t feign enthusiasm
for the “process”: sooner rather than later they will have to choose –
totally democratically – between shutting up or leaving or ending up in
or dead. Havana or Managua or Santiago de or Caracas: the
scenarios and obscenities repeat themselves.

MININT is the Revolution itself. Cuba might well be called the
Minitarian Republic of Cuba. So as not be extinguished with the deaths
of the octogenarian Castro brothers, the shock wave of the thousand and
one Minints needs to impose itself as soon as possible on the
continent’s sister republics, Venezuela being the victim that has most
dramatically resisted our interference: an invasion that went from being
silent to being murderous, but that, murderous or not, still continues
complicitly condoned by international indolence.

For Cuba’s geopolitical – geophagic – interests, the forging of a
supranational bloc is imposed that is as monolithic as each one of its
communist parties. An alliance whose tactic and even syntactic axis
comes from the Plaza of the Revolution’s marble obelisk itself. Hence
the megalomaniacal charisma of Hugo that so disturbs the Cuban
hierarchy; hence the pertinence of a proletarian dandy with a
presidential sash. It is a question of life and death, the infamous
instinct of self-perseveration (because someone who makes the lives of
others unlivable shouldn’t have the right to life).

And so the Cuban Ministry of the Interior kills and orders killings in
Venezuela with impunity, as it killed and ordered killings with impunity
in Cuba and in Chile and in Nicaragua, to name just a sample of the
puppet regimes in the region that came to power through the guerrillas
or the ballot boxes.

However, all this comes packaged in a rhetoric that shines in the naïve
imagination and on the silly T-shirts of the new generations. We all
hate capitalism from capitalism. We all want to be justice-seeking
subversives and rebels-with-a-cause. Like the slogan we repeat in all of
the Island’s schools from the time we’re five years old, “Pioneers for
communism, we will be like Che!” (Castro Hood in the barbaric forest of
his Merry Men.)

The worst thing is that this is irreversible. Castroism is not
escaped through peaceful means. The Castro regime ensures that in
practice there is no peaceful, nor palatable, way out. They have loaded
their weapons with death and have the narrative behind which they
disguise themselves as victims of imperial aggression. There is no
legitimate opposition to continental Castroism. There is no decent
dialog with continental Castroism. They came to power through the
violence of ballots or bullets. And they will only leave power through
greater violence.

In this sense, it has been the only honest dictatorship in history:
“Socialism or Death!” as in the morbid closing phrase of official Cuban
speeches. As the founding leader of the Christian Liberation Movement,
the martyr Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas said, this slogan makes it clear than
anyone seeking liberation in Cuba will find death. As it was true for
him, when they killed him on a Cuban highway on 22 July 2012, in an
extrajudicial execution for which there is a surviving witness in ,
the young politician Ángel Carromero.

Venezuelans: an of Cubans is now working day and night, probably
threatened with death by the counterintelligence agents of their own
regime—as the Bolivarian elite maybe threatened with death—so that the
Venezuelan dictatorship won’t fall. It is MININT against MININT. It is a
war to the death for life. Venezuelans must know this, in your historic
struggle in the streets, if you don’t want to abort this new
independence for your country, if you want to finally put an end to your
status as a military camp. And I say this ashamed of being Cuban.

Venezuelans: MININT is not authorized to concede defeat; it must be
imposed on them even at the price of sacrifice. And I say this ashamed
of being Cuban.


15 March 2014

Source: The Cuban MININT: Lies, Death, Evil / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo |
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