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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: October 26, 2014

Blatant Lies / Angel Santiesteban Posted on October 26, 2014

During the days in which Ángel Santiesteban-Prats’ whereabouts were unknown, and with fears absolutely based on the illegal transfers that he experienced before, we filed a complaint with the United… Continue reading

For US and Cuba, the space between by Julia Cooke

Last week, at a conference about reporting in Cuba held at Columbia University, a writer talked about dealing with Cuban officials — a few panels were conducted off-the-record, underlining the… Continue reading

The Camera Says More than “Cuba Says” / Regina Coyula Posted on October 25, 2014

For several months now the Tuesday evening television news has featured a series called “Cuba Says.” The reporter, Thalia Gonzalez, and her team seem to… Continue reading

The Shifting Politics of Cuba Policy By THE EDITORIAL BOARDOCT. 25, 2014

There was a time, not too long ago, when any mainstream politician running for statewide or national office in Florida had to rattle off fiery rhetoric against the… Continue reading

Cuba hasn’t earned embargo’s end 10/25/2014 10:32 PM 10/25/2014 10:32 PM

In October of 1960, the United States imposed an embargo on exports to Cuba covering all commodities except medical supplies and certain food products. That was the beginning of… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live