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Krauthammer on Cuba: “There Is No Real Care In This Administration For

BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: Charles, is this shifting? I mean the
conventional wisdom is that this is such a great deal if you read all
the stories about it. Is it shifting?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: No, it was hollow from the very beginning. There is
no real care in this administration for human rights abroad. Obviously,
they have no great interest in these prisoners, it was a throw-in at the
end of the deal. They had none for the revolution in Iran in 2009. They
have none for Russian dissidents who stand in the way of the deal with
the Russians.

Look, the reason that Josh Earnest was pretending that this was a
humanitarian, independent gesture on the part of the Castros is because
we don’t want to offend the Cubans into thinking it was somehow a deal.
Well, why in God’s name did we immediately release the three Cuban spies
and not insist that there be an immediate release of the 53 Cubans? Why
is it in stages?

Here are people that are entirely innocent of a real crime other than
opposing the regime and releasing real criminals. I think the worst part
is what James Rosen reported. We’re going to start negotiations in two
weeks on normalization without insisting in advance that the prisoners
are released. That’s not a precondition. We are going to start and get
absolutely nothing? It’s impossible to believe that the administration
would be so weak and thoughtless in doing that. We will see. They have
two weeks to produce, I hope they do, but I’m worried that they won’t.

Source: Krauthammer on Cuba: “There Is No Real Care In This
Administration For Human Rights Abroad” | Video | RealClearPolitics –

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