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OneSimCard Announces Low Cost Roaming in Cuba and Throughout Latin America

BOSTON, Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — OneSimCard, a leading global
provider of low cost international mobile roaming services for
businesses and leisure travelers, announced the availability of low cost
voice roaming and text messaging in Cuba and throughout Latin America.

Standard Latin American roaming rates offered by the major domestic
telecoms carriers are exorbitantly high and most do not offer any
roaming service at all in Cuba. If roaming service is offered, the
typical international roamer in Latin America should expect to pay over
$2.50 per minute for both incoming and outgoing voice calls, with some
major carriers charging $4.99 per minute.

OneSimCard is therefore proud to announce the availability of low cost
roaming in Cuba and throughout Latin America. In Cuba, OneSimCard Plus
offers FREE incoming text messaging, incoming mobile calling for $0.65
per minute and outgoing calling for $1.25 per minute. OneSimCard Plus
users also enjoy free incoming calls in many Latin American countries
including Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. OneSimCard Plus outgoing
call rates in Latin America also offer excellent value with voice calls
from many countries costing only $0.49 per minute. OneSimCard Plus has
also significantly decreased data rates to only $0.85 per MB in
many Latin American countries. These OneSimCard rates represent huge
savings on the cost of roaming in Latin America.

OneSimCard works worldwide in unlocked GSM devices and phones. The user
simply replaces their domestic carriers’ SIM card with OneSimCard when
traveling internationally. All users can replace their own SIM cards in
just a few seconds. OneSimCard provides international roaming services
in over 200 countries and offers free incoming calls in more than 145
countries. OneSimCard is a pre-paid service which does not require any
contract and has no connection fees, subscription fees or monthly
maintenance fees.

About OneSimCard
OneSimCard (, a division of Belmont Telecom, Inc., is a
leading provider of mobile service for international travelers offering
low-cost voice, text and data service worldwide. OneSimCard saves
travelers 85% on international roaming charges compared to their regular
domestic mobile carrier and has been widely acclaimed by mobile industry
and experts, including those from The New York Times, Washington
Post, Boston Globe and PC Magazine.

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Source: OneSimCard Announces Low Cost Roaming in Cuba and Throughout
Latin America – Yahoo Finance –

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