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Waiting for help

Political repression increases in Cuba during the month of December,
according to CCDHRN
14YMEDIO, Havana | Enero 06, 2015

According to its monthly report, during the month of December the Cuban
Commission for and Reconciliation (CCDHRN) registered at
least 489 arbitrary arrests for political reasons, closing out 2014 with
at least 8,899 arrests for the year.

The commission, based in Havana, said that despite the reestablishment
of relations between Cuba and the US, “The situation of civil and
political rights and other fundamental rights in Cuba continues to be
the worst in the entire Western Hemisphere.”

The month of December was marked by two events that produced a large
number of arrests. The first occurred on December 10, World Human
Rights Day. That date was marked by a wave of, “At least 234 arrests at
the hands of the Cuban government, often with , of peaceful
dissidents,” according to the CCDHRN report.

The second wave of arrests occurred on 30 December, the date of the
‘performance’ scheduled by Tania Bruguera for the Plaza of the
Revolution. At least 70 people, including several reporters from this
digital newspaper, were by the political for attending
or trying to attend the Tatlin’s Whisper performance, which was
intended to exercise the right of free . These detentions
lasted, in some cases, up to 72 hours.

The CCDHRN also warned that, compared with November, in December there
was an increase in, “The victims of physical aggression, acts of
vandalism and harassment, and acts of repudiation.” Furthermore, three
new political prisoners were jailed in December: Danilo Maldonado,
Sonia González and Marcelino Abreu.

Source: Political repression increases in Cuba during the month of
December, according to CCDHRN –

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