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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Secrecy / Regina Coyula
Posted on January 10, 2015

The ruling elite accustomed themselves to living in secrecy, with that
phrase, “Silence, the enemy is listening,” so convinced that all
information about their lives was a matter of state, disrespecting
public opinion, including that which sympathizers still have, with
silence around the life (or death) of .

This can only happen in a country that feels no obligation to offer
explanations and where the journalists do not dare to do their job. It’s
not serious to try to justify that such discretion is essential because
it involves a man against whom hundreds of attacks were planned (though
they never got close). Today this person is a sick old man, retired from
public service, whose image for years now is always deferred and in photos.

Nor do I believe that needs time to prepare anything,
because he controls the power and if there are cracks in the corridors
of power, military counterintelligence should keep the General-President
(HIS ministry) updated about the operative situation.

Fidel Castro occupied so many hours of television and so many headlines;
in short, he dominated the media, that it’s logical, given the
information vacuum, that his status should be the object of all
sorts of speculations.

9 January 2015

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