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The opponent Antonio Rodiles is not allowed to leave Cuba / Cubanet
Posted on January 14, 2015

Cubanet, 13 January 2015 – The director of the opposition group Estado
de SATS, Antonio G. Rodiles, reported Tuesday that the regime has
refused to allow him to leave the country, as stated in his account on
the social network Twitter.

The opponent was the day of Tania Bruguera’s performance, with
his wife, Ailer Gonzalez, whose passport was also withdrawn. Bruguera,
currently in Havana, has also been denied permission to leave the country.

Cubanet spoke with Rodiles by telephone. He told how he had gone to the
office of the Ministry of the Interior where passports are processed to
renew his passport (the Cuban passport is valid for six years, but must
be “renewed” every two to maintain its “validity”) and the official
attending him, after searching for his name on the computer, simply
informed him that his passport could not be renewed and, consequently,
he could not abroad “for reasons of public interest.”

Days earlier, during the arrests that Rodiles and his wife, the artist
Ailer González, were subjected to during the performance that Bruguera
attempted in the Plaza of the Revolution, one agent of the Ministry of
Interior had told Gonzalez to hand over both passports, which she did
not do.

It is significant is that, so far, Rodiles and Ailer González, who had
no direct involvement in organizing Bruguera‘s performance, are the only
opponents against whom the government has taken this step.

Source: The opponent Antonio Rodiles is not allowed to leave Cuba /
Cubanet | Translating Cuba –

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