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Florida’s ban on educational to Cuba stays in place
The Associated Press

The Florida Board of Governors says the state’s ban on educational
travel to Cuba will stay in place until the U.S. and Cuba re-establish
full diplomatic relations.

The Miami Herald reports ( ) that the board
overseeing the State System recently told Florida
International University that once diplomatic relations are restored,
requests “to conduct scholarly activities located in Cuba” will follow
the standard approval process.

The board cited a state law forbidding any institution receiving state
funds from traveling to “any country located in the Western Hemisphere
which lacks diplomatic relations with the United States.”

FIU faculty unsuccessfully sued the state to overturn that ban.
officials say they’ll follow the current law, the only one of its kind

Private colleges and universities are not affected by the ban.

Source: Florida’s ban on educational travel to Cuba stays in place |
Miami Herald Miami Herald –

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