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Waiting for help

Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Summit of Obama and Castro / Ivan Garcia Posted on April 25, 2015

Ivan Garcia, 15 April 2015 — There were two Summits of the Americas. The one that will be remembered by history is the one of Raul… Continue reading

Trashcan City / Fernando Damaso Posted on April 25, 2015

Fernando Damaso, 21 April 2015 — Half a century ago Havana was a clean city with an efficient system for trash collection and streets that were swept every day. Not… Continue reading

The Bullies That Castro Sent to Panama / Angel Santiesteban Posted on April 25, 2015

For a few seconds you could see the video on Telesur of the blows given by the official Cuban delegates in Panama. I managed to… Continue reading

The Disparagement of Our Heroes Should End / Dora Leonor Mesa Posted on April 25, 2015

Dora Leonor Mesa, 24 April 2015 — The photos of Cuban President Raúl Castro conversing with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama during the Seventh… Continue reading

Some oppose ‘economic door’ reopening to Cuba UPDATED 7:21 PM CDT Apr 24, 2015

NEW ORLEANS — When President Barack Obama announced his efforts to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba last December, reaction came fast and furious.

Many quickly came… Continue reading

Texas trade group heads to Cuba THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 04/25/2015 5:34 PM 04/25/2015 5:34 PM

DALLAS A Texas delegation is arriving in Cuba with hopes of building a front-of-the-line position for renewed trade with the Caribbean nation long isolated by… Continue reading

In defense of our doctors / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila Posted on April 24, 2015

14ymedio, Eliecer Avila, 23 April 2015 — Last night while watching the images of the homecoming of the doctors who participated in the fight against Ebola… Continue reading

Cuba: Money Is Better in Dollars / Ivan Garcia Posted on April 24, 2015

Ivan Garcia, 6 April 2015 — Without being an expert in economic matters or the Wall Street currency market, Erasmo likes to trust his instincts. For… Continue reading

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Zapata lives
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