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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: October 31, 2015

The GAE, a Lie Transformed into Reality / Juan Juan Almeida Posted on October 29, 2015

Juan Juan Almeida, 26 October 2015 — Before the Special Period, the financial capacity of the country had already been reduced to a minimum,… Continue reading

Monetary Unification in Cuba, an Unresolved Issue / Jeovany Jimenez Vega Posted on October 29, 2015

Jeovany Jimenez Vega, 26 October 2015 — Without a doubt the most complex challenge Raúl Castro’s regime has in the short-term is monetary unification.… Continue reading

Reimbursement is Important / Fernando Damaso Posted on October 30, 2015

Fernando Dámaso, 23 October 2015 — In Cuba, unlike other countries, public services are totally centralized by the State through its different companies: electricity, gas, telephone, water and sewer,… Continue reading

The Remake / Fernando Damaso Posted on October 29, 2015

Fernando Damaso, 28 October 2015 — The Cuban authorities applaud the “victory” obtained in the vote for the lifting of the blockade-embargo at the United Nations. It’s actually their twenty-fourth… Continue reading

Stolen boats turning up in Cuba, Mexico By: Kimberly Kuizon, FOX 13 News UPDATED:OCT 30 2015 05:02PM EDT

LONGBOAT KEY (FOX 13) – Something big was missing from the backyard of Nancy Guernsey’s in-laws: Their 30-foot boat was gone.What do… Continue reading

Research shows Cuba’s Internet issues October 31, 2015 by Amanda Morris

In December 2014, President Barack Obama made history by reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, which included loosening its economic embargoes. Two months later, American companies like Netflix and Airbnb… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live