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May 2016
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: May 11, 2016

Cuba-Disneyland and Its Leftist Pimps / 14ymedio, Isaac Nahon Serfaty

14ymedio, Isaac Nahon Serfaty, 10 May 2016 — Cuba is now the Disneyland of the fashion show business. The list of celebrities who go to the island as almost archeological… Continue reading

Trash and Condoms / Regina Coyula

Regina Coyula, 4 May 2016 — The residents of 13th Street in Havana’s El Vedado neighborhood had quite a night on the eve of May Day, let’s say atypical. Near the intersection with Paseo,… Continue reading

My Absence at the Meeting / Regina Coyula

Regina Coyula, 25 April 2016 — The political police, who consider themselves such faithful followers of Jose Marti, know that with regards to the battles of thought, they’ve lost. Thus this weekend’s… Continue reading

The Ordeal of a Cuban Rafter May 9, 2016 By Ivett de las Mercedes

HAVANA TIMES — On Friday, March 4, a group of twenty-seven young Cubans set out from Bahia Honda, in the province of Artemisa, headed for the… Continue reading

Cuba in the Name of Deception May 10, 2016 By Maykel Paneque

HAVANA TIMES —I don’t recall when I began to distrust the Cuban government. It may have been a Saturday near the end of the 90s, during a hot… Continue reading

Cuba-loving professors — I dare you to read this JENNIFER KABBANY – FIX EDITOR MAY 11, 2016

Meet Sylvia Sullivan, a longtime pro-life, pro-family conservative activist. Currently she is president of the East County California Republican Assembly, and in that… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live