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December 2016
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Daily Archives: December 8, 2016

Little War Games / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 29 November 2016 — In October, Hurricane Matthew struck the eastern side of the Island, creating destruction and desolation in Maisí, Baracoa, and other communities of the territory, from which their inhabitants–given… Continue reading

Legacy and End Point / Somos+, Pedro Acosta

Somos+, Pedro Acosta, 6 December 2016 — After your departure the Cuban people should be eternally grateful for:

The fall of the dictatorship. Fulfilling your political promises, especially the respect for the… Continue reading

From Girl to Woman in Cuba / Somos+, Marcia Castillo Alvarez

Somos+, Marcia Castillo Alvarez, 7 December 2016 — Today I woke up with many thoughts and memories I’m trying to sort out, and it seems incredible to me how… Continue reading

Mariela Castro’s Disrespect in New York / Cubanet, Jorge Angel Perez

Cubanet, Jorge Ángel Pérez, Havana, 1 December 2016 — A cable from the Cuban press agency Prensa Latina, written by Waldo Mendiluza, warned me that the sexologist, parliamentarian, and… Continue reading

When Castro destroyed home for one child of Cuba December 8th, 2016by Michael Smerconish

I was worried that I’d offended Carlos Eire.

The Yale professor of history and religious studies authored the definitive narrative of Fidel Castro’s destruction of Cuban… Continue reading

Is demand for travel to Cuba flattening?

Demand for travel to Cuba may be flattening, with soaring hotel prices on the island, American Airlines cutting some flights, and uncertainty over whether new travel restrictions could be imposed when Donald Trump… Continue reading

Fidel’s best-sold myth ROBERTO ÁLVAREZ QUIÑONES | Los Ángeles | 8 de Diciembre de 2016 – 01:47 CET.

Free education and public health as the “genuine feat of the revolution” constitute, in my opinion, the best and most sophisticated (dual)… Continue reading

Zapata lives
Zapata lives
No place to live
No place to live