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December 2016
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

AP’s regional offices return to Cuba
BY JOE UCHILL – 12/26/16 03:30 PM EST

The Associated Press is returning its Caribbean base of operations to Cuba.

Cuba, the largest country in the Caribbean, housed the news service’s
central offices for the region until 1961. The AP was forced to leave
after the botched Bay of Pigs invasion. It reopened a Cuba office in 1999.

The move comes as multiple major news stories play out on the island.
Cuba is still adjusting to slightly thawed relations with the United
States and still reeling from the death of .
The AP announced the change Monday in a news story that also named
Michael Weissenstein the editor of the newly re-situated bureau.

“Mike is an excellent and wordsmith who has shepherded our
coverage of Cuba through the island’s 2014 rapprochement with the United
States to the death of Fidel Castro last month,” the story quoted Paul
Haven, news director for Latin America and the Caribbean as saying. “I’m
thrilled that he will be expanding his reach to the rest of the Caribbean.”

Source: AP’s regional offices return to Cuba | TheHill –

2 Responses to AP’s regional offices return to Cuba

  • I smiled when I read of the “…..botched Bay of Pigs invasion” in this report. This is something that rarely is mentioned in the US media due to the fact that the mercenaries were soundly defeated by the Cuban Army, and that, in particular, the huge popular uprising against the Government that the CIA had promised JFK would occur once the mercenaries landed, did not happen. Doubtless many in Miami hoped for something similar when Fidel Castro died; needless to say they were again disappointed, s the Cuban people marked this event with dignity and restraint.

    • Indeed, US policy was bad in the 1960’s. The US should have supported the Escambray rebellion and Fidel would have fallen. Go to Trinidad and visit the museum. The regime basically admits it wouldn’t have survived without Soviet help.

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