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December 2016
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Cuban / Cubalex

Cubalex, Havana, 14 December 2016 – In Cuba there are no conditions
under which economic, social and cultural rights can be exercised. “All
Cubans have free healthcare and ,” is a claim that is easily
refuted. We continue the debate with another question: Who decided we
Cubans could not invest in a or form joint ventures with the state?

First absolute silence, then a bombardment of stones. In the end, Pedro
threw a pea! The National Assembly and the Council of State are those
who dictate the laws, he responded, doubtfully.

“Have you read any law that says Cubans cannot invest in the national
?” the professor asked. No, but the law is called “The Law of
Foreign ” and it assumes that only they can participate in the
national economy at the same level as the Cuban government.

Is it fair? He asked again. No, he said. Do you believe it is a
violation of ? He continued interrogating him. I don’t know,
he replied, annoyed. He approached him and slapped his shoulder twice.
Yes, the state excludes us, discriminates against us, he said, while
looking at him and nodding.

“We all have the right to equality and non-discrimination. It is a
universally recognized right,” explained the professor while walking
back and forth in the improvised classroom. The critics of this law call
it Cuban Apartheid. Do they know this is a crime in the current Cuban
Penal Code?

I leave them to their first task: reading paragraph (b) of Part 1 of
Article 120 of the Penal Code. Explain in 140 characters, that is in a
Tweet, if the situation just described could define the crime called
“Crime of Apartheid.” See you next Wednesday. Don’t miss it!

Source: Cuban Apartheid / Cubalex – Translating Cuba –

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