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January 2017
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Waiting for help

Inter-American Press Association Names Henry Constantin Vice President
for Cuba / 14ymedio

14ymedio, 30 December 2016 — The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA)
has named independent Henry Constantín Ferreiro as regional
vice president for Cuba. Director of the magazine La Hora de Cuba and a
resident of the city of Camagüey, the reporter told 14ymedio that he
intends to defend and spread “the reality of journalism” on the island
from his new responsibility.

A few hours after the announcement, Constantín told this newspaper via
phone that he received the news with a mixture of “surprise and pride”
and said he was grateful to be part of an organization that “has engaged
in numerous battles over the of the press in the region.”

Born in 1984, Constantín is a contributor to several independent media,
including the magazine Coexistence. He studied journalism for several
semester as an undergraduate and also the specialty of film direction at
the Higher Institute of Art (ISA).

The reporter feels that the journalism in Cuba is going through “a
special moment” marked by “an increasing plurality, although still
restrained by the government.” On the island there are “media that cover
almost the entire political spectrum,” says the new vice president of
the IAPA.

“In this new year we will have to defend the national press because
although the context is new, the threats are the same and some of them
are even growing,” Constantín points out.

Upon his appointment, the reporter will be responsible for reporting the
violations of press freedom that occur in the country and for drafting
the report that is published each semester by IAPA.

Previously, the vice president for Cuba was occupied by journalist and
director of 14ymedio Yoani Sanchez, who assumed the responsibility in 2012.

Last November, Henry Constantín was detained at at the Ignacio
Agramonte International in Camaguey, on his arrival from
Miami. The was taken to a station where his mobile
phone and his laptop were confiscated.

Source: Inter-American Press Association Names Henry Constantin Vice
President for Cuba / 14ymedio – Translating Cuba –

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