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January 2017
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

The Ministry of Gives Back a Street / 14ymedio

14ymedio Havana, 6 January 2017 — The residents of the neighborhood of
Nuevo Vedado have waited for almost four decades to recover a stretch of
Calle Marino, closed during all that time by mandate of the Ministry of
Transportation. The block was turned over to the exclusive use as
parking access for the Ministry’s officials in the ‘80s, and since then
has been blocked off the passage of vehicles.

The return of this street has been one of the most repeated demands in
the “Accountability Meetings” with the area’s deputies to the National
Assembly of People’s Power, events where citizens can speak directly to
their elected officials and “hold them accountable.” For many years,
however, the Ministry has turned a deaf ear to the demands. At the
beginning of 2017 the stretch was opened to traffic, to the surprise of
those who had given up for lost this small piece of the city.

As a general rule, official media only refer to urban irregularities
committed by citizens, but rarely shed light on the violations committed
by the state sector. No national or local newspaper has reported the
closure of a stretch of Calle Marino … nor will they now announce its
opening. But all the residents of the neighborhood already know and are

Source: The Ministry of Transport Gives Back a Street / 14ymedio –
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