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January 2017
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

To My Beloved Enemy / 14ymedio, Leandro Cansino

14ymedio, Leandro Cansino, Stockholm 31 December 2016– It was very
necessary for me to write to you. Let me send you something that comes
from my soul: thank you for existing, thank you for all the bad things
you do for me. You have no idea how much I have to thank you, it is not
sarcasm and much less irony, I write from the bottom of my heart. I know
you’re surprised by this letter, but I think I never thanked you for
annoying me and constantly trying to injure my life. Believe me that I
appreciate all the negative effort, gratuitous on your part. Don’t think
that you have won because you drove me crazy, before I tell you my solid
arguments. You and I are like a engine, with a positive and negative
charge in order to work.

You are not my rival. A rival is a person or a group of people who try
to achieve the same thing at the same time, but that is not the case
with us. I fight to get to the top of the highest mountain and you fight
grabbing be around the waist so that I don’t get there, but since you
don’t have legs, we don’t compete, you are not my opponent.

I really appreciate your time and effort in discovering my mistakes,
horrible gestures of yours that I like, so here I am, fixing the
mistakes you find in me. Every day I grow more and I owe it all to you.

I value you very much, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I value you
because no one would appreciate a sunny Saturday if it weren’t for those
grey and stormy afternoons, because no one applauds the hero without a
villain who ties the maiden to the tracks.

You have no idea how much I’ve grown in wisdom since you have been
stalking me. It is true that you interfere in personal things, but in my
professional development you are irreplaceable. I want you to be there,
faithful follower of my triumphs, I need to you see how far I can go.

I never want you off my back, I need you to challenge me every day in
order to do things better. You make me so good that we could even be
friends, but no, stay there, my sweet enemy, so that soon I will reach
the goal and you will wear away. All this sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Thank you for so much unconditional negativity.

Source: To My Beloved Enemy / 14ymedio, Leandro Cansino – Translating
Cuba –

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