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March 2017
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Plaza Carlos III Shopping Center Reopens

14ymedio, Havana, 29 March 2017 — This Tuesday, the Carlos III Plaza
Shopping Center, closed since last Friday, reopened its doors to the public.

From the early hours dozens of people waited outside the mall with the
hope that, after being closed four days, the shelves would be better

The only difference from other days was that the employees had a more
polite attitude than usual and the singular fact that there were bags at
all the cash registers in the market, and also the coins needed to make
change, which isn’t always the case.

“They even said ‘thank you’ after we made purchases,” commented a
gentleman who said he had come from Puentes Grandes in search of a box
of chicken.

In the children’s play area, the kids rode their horses and carts while
the parents ate pizza or drank beers.

Not a single word was said about the reasons for the closure of the
market, either in the written press or in the television news.

Outside the market there was not a single informal dealer in household
appliances, furniture, or electrical equipment. Instead there were many
officers imposing fines for poor parking or simply keeping watch.

Source: Plaza Carlos III Shopping Center Reopens – Translating Cuba –

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