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Cuba Controls Electronic Eavesdropping Center in , Says Former

Raúl Castro and Nicolás Maduro on the 22nd anniversary of the Bolivarian
Alliance of the Peoples of Our America. (@PrensaPresidencial)
14ymedio, Madrid, 5 April 2017 — Cuba controls everything that happens
in Venezuela through an electronic eavesdropping center, according to
statements made to the Spanish newspaper ABC by Gyoris Guzmán, who
between 2013 and 2015 was the director general of Venezuela’s Office
Against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing.

Information obtained by Venezuela’s Center for Security and Protection
of the Homeland (CESPPA) continues to be controlled by Cuban
intelligence services according to this information.

The Venezuelan center was created by Nicolás Maduro in 2013 to unify
confidential information previously dispersed between the Military
Intelligence Directorate (DIM), the Bolivarian National Intelligence
Service (SEBIN) and the forces.

CESSPA employs a group of hackers and electronic experts that controls
electronic eavesdropping in addition to the usual information mechanisms
of the security bodies.

“All this information ends up in the hands of the Cuban intelligence
services, the G2,” says the former Chavista official, who has applied
for asylum in , and was invited to give a lecture on CESPPA.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Guzman was surprised that it was not
the head of SEBIN, Gustavo González López, who was in charge, “but
rather a Cuban commander known as Colonel Camilo, who happens to be the
representative of the G2 in Venezuela.”

Guzman also referred to the favorable treatment received by Cuban
commanders in Venezuela and told ABC that, as head of the Office Against
Organized Crime, he administered property seized from criminals and his
superiors made him turn over a waterfront beach apartment in Tucacas to
Colonel Camilo, who was also provided a truck that had been seized.

Source: Cuba Controls Electronic Eavesdropping Center in Venezuela, Says
Former Chavez Official – Translating Cuba –

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