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Several Opposition Leaders Detained On Their Return To Cuba

14ymedio, Havana, 6 April 2017 — Cuban opposition leaders were detained
at Havana’s international on Thursday, when they arrived from
Colombia, according to sources in the political movement Somos+ (We Are
More) speaking with 14ymedio.

Eliécer Ávila, president of that movement remains “in open protest” at
the capital’s airport after the authorities’ attempt to confiscate his
electronic devices.

“Immigration has not allowed us to pass, it seems there are signs on the
computers that say: interested in confrontation,” Avila explained in a
message addressed to his movement. Later they were allowed to enter the
national territory but in the face of the attempt to confiscate their
belongings, the opponents rebelled.

Carlos Oliva, a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (), is being
held at the station in Santiago de las Vegas. Eliecer Avila has
said that he refuses to leave the airport without his laptop. The
opponent has been there for more than seven hours.

The order to seize his computer was issued by Carlos Pons, Chief of
Confrontation at the airport.

In the case of Marthadela Tamayo and Zuleidy Pérez, they were subjected
to a “rigorous search” and their personal computers siezed.

Source: Several Opposition Leaders Detained On Their Return To Cuba –
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