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May 2017
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Studies A Petition to Award Refuge to Cuban Migrants

14ymedio, Miami, 13 May 2017 – The Canadian government has responded to
a request for refuge made by the Democracy Movement on behalf of
thousands of Cubans who were stranded at several locations in the
Americas after the decision by the United States last January to end the
wet foot/dry foot policy.

The response letter, released this Friday by the president of that Cuban
exile movement in Miami, Ramon Saul Sanchez, assures that the petition
has been carefully reviewed and forwarded to the Minister of
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, for his consideration.

On February 1, the Democracy Movement had asked the Canadian government
to welcome thousands of Cubans who were stranded in Mexico and Central
and South America after the sudden cancellation of the wet foot/dry foot
policy that used to allow them to enter as refugees upon reaching U.S. soil.

Canada each year offers thousands of refugee visas to people who suffer
on the basis of politics, race, religion, nationality or gender.

Since January of this year, the Democracy Movement, together with other
groups from Cuban civil society in the United States, have been
organizing shipments for their compatriots stalled in Mexico.

Translated by Mary Lou Keel

Source: Canada Studies A Petition to Award Refuge to Cuban Migrants –
Translating Cuba –

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