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May 2017
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help

Cubadecide Activists A Few Hours Before Rosa Maria Paya Arrives
On The Island

14ymedio, Havana, 8 May 2017 — Activist Rosa Maria Payá denounced Monday
the arrest of three coordinators of the CubaDecide initiative in
Matanzas. The opponents were arrested early in the morning as they
headed to Jose Marti International in Havana to welcome Payá,
who is promoting the campaign for a plebiscite on the island.

The , who lives between Havana and Miami, said that Sayli
Navarro, his father Félix Navarro, and Iván Hernández Carrillo, were
“kidnapped” by State Security agents when they left their homes in the
Matanzas towns of Perico and Colón, respectively.

“At this time the whereabouts of the three kidnapped coordinators are
unknown,” said a statement released by writer Orlando Pardo Lazo via
e-mail. The text reports that Rosa María is returning to Havana with “a
work agenda” and to campaign “for the realization of the binding

The dissident said that three activists were “kidnapped” by State
Security agents when they left their homes

Last February, Payá organized the presentation of the Oswaldo Payá
Liberty and life Award, which bears the name of her father and to which
she invited Secretary General of the Organization of American States
(OAS) Luis Almagro, former Mexican President Felipe Calderón and former
Chilean minister Mariana Aylwin, among others.

The Cuban government prevented two of the guests from taking flights to
the country and denied the OAS leader a visa. The governments of
and Mexico demonstrated their disagreement with the measure taken by Havana.

Several activists associated with the event were arrested on the island,
while the restricted the movements of numerous independent
journalists to prevent them from covering the ceremony.

Payá is not part of the Christian Liberation Movement founded by her
father and is promoting the holding of a binding plebiscite for Cubans
to decide on what system of government should govern in the country.

Source: Cubadecide Activists Arrested A Few Hours Before Rosa Maria Paya
Arrives On The Island – Translating Cuba –

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